Varma Kalai, also known as Marma Adi, is one of the oldest and deadliest forms of martial art in history developed in Southeast Indian region, more precisely from Tamil Nadu. The tamil word “Varma Kalai” literally means “The Art of Vital Points”.  Varma Kalai uses pressure and precise strikes to vulnerable pressure points on the human body to heal, maim or even kill someone depending on what part of the body is hit and how much pressure is applied based on periodic energy flows (time-dependent) streaming through the body along meridians. The knowledge and methods of Varma Kalai has been passed on in secret for centuries and was shared amongst only selected disciples under strict code of ethics and discipline of the legendry ASSANS (masters). The knowledge was transmitted only when disciples acquired enough experience and maturity in order to be responsible for themselves. However, over the centuries the knowledge of the art was misused and or learnt by miscreants for ill doings which decreased the transmission of knowledge by Assans, who stopped teaching the complete knowledge to one student, or taught to a chosen few who excel in the art and had exceptional moral values. Varma Kalai is a highly comprehensive and knowledge rich martial art and takes considerable amount of time to learn the healing and combat aspect which has stymied the popularity of this martial art with the youth who choose to study less time-consuming martial arts. So much severe and incredible are the effects of application of Varma Kalari and that much, even more, are the quality, patience and character required to maintain, preserve and handle such an Art. Today this extremely powerful art is losing much of its heritage and is slowly fading away due to lack of transmission of knowledge and deceasing of authentic masters. More on the History of Varma Kalaimarma adi pressure point strike

Combat Varma Kalai

Combat Varma Kalai (CVK)® is a modern engineered approach of hand to hand combat system combined with the ancient closed door knowledge of advanced pressure point. Combat Varma Kalai (CVK)® is more of a tool to enhance or act as a effective wheels to deliver the esteemed know-how to ensure effective delivery of techniques ensuring attainment of required target using realistic application methods. Grand Master Dr. Yuree, an expert on the ancient art of Varma Kalai among other Indian arts like Vajramushti and Kalarypayattu, has been practicing Varma Kalai for many years and was under Gurukkul of Great Assan (High ranking Grand Master) of Varma Kalai, Assan Vaskaran. Grand Master Dr. Yuree has formulated the modern system of Combat Varma Kalai® which uses combat effective applications of pressure points to make the system more effective, direct and less time consuming dealing mostly with combat aspect of Varma Kalai and consisting of revival methods using pressure point healing. Combat Varma Kalai teaches theoretical principals and techniques to disable opponents as quickly as possible that are being used by military/ special forces and law enforcement agencies.

Pressure Point Techniques      +          Modern application techniques/methods
of healing & killing

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Grand Master Dr. Yuree Vajramuni

Grandmaster Prof. Dr. Yuree Vajramuni

Dr. Yuree Vajra Muni is a global icon in the field of psychophysical development , an International and foremost authority in the field of Mind Training, Meditation & motivational speaking and Art of Self-defence. Vajra Muni was also selected and featured as one of the top five SUPERHUMAN of this planet by Discovery Channel. His 4th World Record is for the highest neuro-engagement ability in the world when he was subjected to a research and then was surprisingly proved during the scientific laboratory tests conducted by the team of experts and scientists . He is the founder of Butthan Meditation and Butthan Martial Arts, based on ancient South-Indian heritage aimed for human transformation through the systematic practice of pranayama, meditation, vajrapran, life without medicine, psychophysical development behavior reconstruction and mind reprogramming as well as to attain healing from past physical and mental trauma. He is working relentlessly on human personal development worldwide. For biography details of Grand Master Dr. Yuree click here